Rope Cutter for 50mm Shaft
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Rope Cutter for 50mm Shaft

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Marine rope cutter to suit 50mm shaft.

Our 50mm rope cutter has an outside diameter of 120mm and is 20mm thick.

This is a precision machined rope cutter manufactured in high grade 316L stainless steel.

Our unique design offers a superior cutting action and eliminates the vibrations and shocks that are often associated with the scissor or chopper style cutters. Our customers report the cutting action of our rope cutters to be far superior to the basic disc cutters due the unique serrated edge design that remains sharper for far longer – resulting in less fouling, less maintenance and a longer service life. Slices through rope, net, plastic bags, weeds and many other items of detritus.

This design also significantly reduces the cavitation potential linked to other disc type cutters.

The rope cutter is a significant safety benefit and helps to protect the shaft line against damage.

There are no moving parts to service or maintain, installation is very simple and no special tools are required. All cutters are built from a stainless steel 316L blank and are CNC machined to ensure repeatable accuracy and importantly to maintain the distinctive cutter configuration.

We also offer custom designed commercial cutters to suit up to 110mm (4 ½”) shaft diameters. Please contact us for more information.

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